Thank you for your support in 2014!

As 2014 draws to a close (or already has if you’re in the right time zone), we would like to thank everyone who has supported MathJax this year. We, the MathJax team are grateful for the incredible continued support from our entire community – from large scale sponsors to our contributors to all the amazing people using MathJax.

As you know, MathJax is open source and supported by the generous donations we receive via our Sponsorship Program. However, we also receive a number of small (and not so small) donations via Pledgie). In 2014, we have received a record number and amount of such individual donations – $1,595.25 (and still counting) – on average donating $27.99 while varying from $1 to $200 dollars. While this is might not seem much compared to our larger sponsors, it means a lot to us at MathJax that 57 generous individuals chose to support us this year.

Simlarly, we would like to thank all MathJax contributors. Whether you’ve contributed code, reported bugs, fixed typos in our documentation, provided help to others on our community groups, or simply used MathJax in cool ways, we thank you for pushing us forward. Our CDN alone has reached a record high of 120 million monthly users this year, and on average serves over 30 million daily visitors, amounting to ~580GB daily – it’s amazing to see that so many people benefit from MathJax!

We are very proud to serve such a diverse community. Thank you for all your contributions and we look forward to a successful 2015!