American Physical Society continues as MathJax Supporter

The American Physical Society (APS) continues to support the MathJax project as a MathJax Supporter.

Founded in 1899, the APS has long been furthering innovation in academic communication. As an influential supporter of SGML-based math notation in the 1990s and an early adopter of MathML, APS continues to push for innovation in electronic commmunication of math and science. APS is the largest society of professional physicists in the US and involved in several activities to advance and diffuse the knowledge of physics, including a strong publication program with landmark titles such as Physical Review Letters, the Physical Review journals, and Reviews of Modern Physics.

“APS will be launching full text HTML for our math-intensive journal content later this summer.” says Mark Doyle, Director of Journal Information Systems at APS. “MathJax is one of the key components we will be using and its maturity is now at the point where we can provide the high quality experience our readers expect.”

“As one of the original MathJax sponsors, APS has been providing both support and important feedback for our development at MathJax”, comments Peter Krautzberger, MathJax manager. “Thanks to the dedicated of sponsors such as APS, MathJax is able to deliver a reliable, high-quality solution for science and math on the web.”

We look forward to continuing the collaboration with APS, and welcome their ongoing support for the MathJax project.