MathJax community update #4

You might think things quiet down because MathJax v2.3 has been released but the MathJax community is busy as always. So here are a few new ideas, projects, and helpful tips.

MathML crowdfunding project

Fred Wang has started Mathematics in ebooks, a crowdfunding campaign at Ulule. As you might know, Fred has been a part of the MathJax team for the past few years and has decided to pursue this browser-focused project full time.

Fred aims to create a collection of EPUB samples while simultaneously improving MathML in Firefox/Gecko & Safari/WebKit. The samples will be quite advanced, showing off the many features that MathML has to offer for education and research. You can check out his great demo video below.

You should definitely check out the details at Ulule. We wish Fred good luck with his new project and we hope you will consider supporting him!

Discourse plugin

The next-generation, open source discussion forum Discourse has a MathJax plugin thanks to the excellent work of Kasper Peulen.

IkiWiki tutorial

Gautam Iyer has written a tutorial for using MathJax on IkiWiki, the “compiled” Wiki.

Etherpad plugin

John McClear has published a MathJax plugin for Etherpad. is now open source

Susam Pal published the code of the math pastebin to github under a BSD license.

Ruby gem updated

The ruby gem mathjax-rails has been updated to MathJax v2.3 – thanks to pmq2001 and manusajith.

Beautiful content

Last but not least, here are two examples of great content we’ve stumbled upon. First, a small but shiny equation by Stuart Riffle, freed from PNG captivity by Matt Adereth. Second, Joel Kuiper shared an Experiment in reactive literate programming.