HighWire supports MathJax as a MathJax Supporter

HighWire is giving the MathJax project a boost by joining our sponsorship program as MathJax Supporter. A division of the Stanford University Libraries, HighWire hosts the largest repository of peer-reviewed content.

Founded in 1995, HighWire pioneered today’s online journal. As a partner to independent scholarly publishers, societies, associations, and university presses HighWire facilitates the digital dissemination of 1757 journals, reference works, books, and proceedings, including the Journal of Biological Chemistry (JBC Online), Science, the Journal of Neuroscience, and Proceedings of the National Academy of Science (PNAS). HighWire continually improves the reader’s experience by adopting the information technology’s best-practices, standards, and architecture.

“Many of the HighWire affiliated publishers are adopting MathJax’s flexible, light-weight mathematical display technology,” said Xenia Siller, HighWire’s Director of Content Systems and Services. “The MathJax team is great to work with, and we’re pleased to be able to support the program from the inside.”

Becoming a MathJax Supporter allows HighWire to make optimal use of MathJax, and makes an important contribution to keeping MathJax the reliable, flexible and open technology for mathematics on the web.