MathJax v2.3 now available

After a successful beta run, we’re happy to officially release MathJax v2.3.

MathJax v2.3 is available on the CDN, and for download from GitHub or via the download page at

Version 2.3 is available on the CDN at

and starting today the files at the

address will be switched over the v2.3; it will take 24h-48h for the changes to propagate out to the distributed cloud servers.

During the time that the files are making their way out to the CDN’s servers, there may be a mixture of files in a browser cache, and so users may need to clear their cache and restart their browser in order to get a consistent version of the files.

If you are a page author and concerned about this, you can change (temporarily) to the mathjax/2.3-latest URL instead of mathjax/latest since that is a new address that will not have any cached older versions to worry about. You can switch back to mathjax/latest in a few days when the new version has migrated to all the locations in the cloud.

See for details about the changes in v2.3, and some caveats about the effect of these changes on existing sites. We anticipate a smooth upgrade from v2.2 to v2.3, but as always, let us know on the bug tracker if you experience problems with this new version of MathJax.

Thank you for your continued support.

The MathJax Team.

What’s New in MathJax v2.3

MathJax v2.3 includes a number of new features, as well a more than 40

important bug fixes.


  • New webfonts. MathJax v2.3 adds new webfonts for STIX,

    Asana Math, Neo Euler, Gyre Pagella, Gyre Termes, and

    Latin Modern.

  • Localization improvements. MathJax has been accepted into Thanks to the TWN community we could add 12

    complete and over 20 partial translations.

  • MathML improvements. MathJax’s “Show Math as” menu will now expose

    the MathML annotation features. There are also two new preview

    options for the MathML input mode: mathml (now the default) and

    altimage which will show the original MathML and an alternative

    image respectively.

  • Miscellaneous improvements. A new extension MatchWebFonts improves

    the interaction with the surrounding content. A new configuration

    method allows configurations by using a regular JavaScript variable


  • MathJax is now available as a Bower package thanks to community


TeX input:

  • Prevent the TeX pre-processor from rendering TeX in MathML

    annotation-xml. (Issue #484)

  • Fix sizing issue in cases environment (Issue #485)


  • Fix block-letter capital I (U+2111) appearing as J in MathJax font

    (Issue #555)

  • Fix issue with script mathvariant characters in IE (Issue #621)


  • Improved workarounds for MathML output on WebKit (Issue #482)
  • Handle empty multiscript nodes in Native MathML output (Issue #486
  • Replace non-standard MJX-arrow class by new menclose notation (Issue #481)
  • Fix incorrect widths in Firefox MathML output (Issue #558)
  • Fix display math not being centered in XHTML (Issue #650)


  • Fix MathJax not rendering in Chrome when sessionStorage is disabled (Issue #584)
  • Fix \mathchoice error with linebreaking in SVG output (Issue #604)



  • Localization: improved fallbacks for IETF tags (Issue #492)
  • Localization: support RTL in messages (Issue #627)
  • Improve PNG compression (Issue #44)
  • Fix poor linebreaking of “flat” MathML (Issue #523)