MathJax community update #3

While MathJax v2.3-beta is running smoothly, there news from around the MathJax community keeps coming in. So let’s catch up a little!

Blog post at O’Reilly Programming

In houshold news, Peter has written a post for O’Reilly’s Programming blog about the state of MathML on the web. Go check it out.

The adds MathJax support

The well-known preprint server arXiv has added MathJax rendering to abstract pages. We are thrilled to help improve the life of the arXiv’s community!

MathJax v2.3-beta webfonts playground

The ever-productive Christian Perfect has created a nice playground for exploring our new webfonts options in v2.3-beta. Go and play and let us know if you find bugs or typographical inconsistencies.

Knockout binding handlers for MathJax

Thanks to the very same Christian Perfect, you can grab an easy to digest example of binding handlers to typeset content using MathJax in a knockout.js setting.

MathJax support for Ghost

It’s barely publicly available and already the kickstarter-funded, open-source blogging platform Ghost can offer you MathJax support – thanks to this tutorial by Feynman Liang, improving a solution by Patrick Edelman.

MDwiki adds MathJax support

The single-page, markdown-driven MDwiki now offers out of the box MathJax support.

OERpub textbook editor improves

OERpub keeps improving its open-source, HTML5 textbook editor. You can catch up on the latest improvements by reading Kathi Fletcher’s blog post, watch her presentation at Books in Browsers 2013 last week, or go ahead and grab the code on github.

AAP’s EPUB 3 Implementation Project – White Paper is now online

Over the summer we contributed our expertise on math on the web and in ebooks to the AAP’s intiative to move the implementation of EPUB3 forward. The white paper has now been published. The project is an important step towards better digital books and reading systems by bridging the gap between publishers, reading systems and standards groups.

NAG Toolbox for MATLAB documentation adds MathJax support

NAG takes advantage of MATLAB’s updated browser environment. This allows MathJax-integration into the documentation, a great improvement over the old rendering. Read up on the details at the NAG blog.

Thanks everyone!