MathJax community update

We’ve been a bit quiet, working hard on the v2.3 release. But thankfully there’s plenty of great stuff coming from our community so here are a few cool things we’ve come across in the past few weeks.

Blackboard video tutorial

David Gibson at Blackboard has produced a video tutorial for integrating MathJax in Blackboard Learn 9.1 SP10+.


If you haven’t seen it on Hacker News already, TexPaste is a new pastebin-like app with some wysiwyg functionality.

Vision Objects updates

Vision Objects has updated its awesome handwriting webdemo (integrating Desmos) and released MyScript MathPad for iOS (free with in-app purchases). Its technology is also used in another iOS app, Math Ink.

Lectures on the web

Quite a buzz came from Michael Gottlieb’s wonderful HTML5 edition of The Feynman Lectures on Physics. And if you want to learn the principles of finite deformation continuum mechanics, check out Bob McGinty’s excellent text.

Neo4j GraphGists add MathJax support

The graph databases experts at Neo4j have added MathJax support into their GraphGist viewer so go ahead and check out this example and check out their awesome examples in general.

Inkling adds MathJax support

Publishing startup Inkling added MathJax support (both TeX and MathML input) to its authoring platform Inkling Habitat.

Writing Kit with MathJax keyboard

The iOS app Writing Kit now comes with a dedicated MathJax keyboard for easier input.

ChromeVox team at GD

Google’s ChromeVox team sat down and recorded an excellent video for Google Developers bringing you up to speed to the new enhancements coming to ChromeVox soon.

Meet Fred at Mozilla Summit

Last but very much not least, our own Fred Wang is heading to the Mozilla Summit this week. You can get a sneak peek at his slides over on github (Firefox required).

Thanks everyone!