MathJax community update

As part of our still very much fresh COMM section, we plan to semi-regularly update you on news from around the MathJax community. If you have some MathJax related news to share, be sure to get in touch!

Drupal plugin updated

The MathJax plugin for Drupal has been updated by Chris McCafferty. This fixes a critical bug as the old version of the Drupal plugin pointed to the old Amazon Cloudfront CDN which has been retired for over a year now.

Reveal.js gets a proper MathJax plugin

If you’ve used the HTML5 presentation framework Reveal.js in the past, you may have noticed that it’s been a bit tricky to get MathJax to work smoothly with all those fancy Reveal.js effects. Well, the community’s calls have been answered and Hakim has created a proper MathJax plugin.

Fidus Writer 1.0 released

If you’ve read our first COMM post, you’ll have heard about Fidus Writer, an open source editor for collaborative scientific writing, of course with MathJax support. The Fidus Writer Team has released v1.0 earlier this month, so head over to their blog to test and fork it.

Editorial gets a MathJax extension

If Editorial is your favorite iPad markdown editor, then you’ll be happy to see this little workflow to activate MathJax in the HTML preview. Tip of the hat to @Fonnesbeck.

IntenseDebate MathJax plugin

Since many commenting systems (e.g. disqus) rely on iframes these days, it’s not possible to get MathJax to render those comments unless the commenting system makes accommodations. Christian Perfect, longtime MathJax friend and blogging platforms wizard, has cooked up a quick plugin to get MathJax rendering into IntenseDebate.

A First Course in Algebra updated

Rob Beezer announced an update to his open source First Course in Algebra. Be sure to also check out his new work on Math Book XML.

Thanks everyone!