Cengage Learning and MathJax Improve User Experience through Delivery of Mathematical Equations in Digital Solutions

Cengage Learning, a leading educational content, software and services company for the academic, professional and library markets, and MathJax today announced a partnership to improve the display of mathematical equations in Cengage Learning digital products. MathJax will deliver integrated content for math and chemistry in Cengage Learning’s MindTap solutions, providing improved rendering of math and scientific notation within all MindTap supported browser and operating system combinations.

“At Cengage Learning, we are focused on improving the user experience and we recognize that mathematical and scientific notation in our products need to be clearly rendered in the web browser in order to be most effective for students,” said Melissa Acuna, Vice President, MindTap Product, Cengage Learning. “MathJax is focused on bringing technical math and scientific notation to the web browser through conversions to HTML and SVG formats and we look forward to working with them to help influence product development which best meets the needs of our customers.”

With MathJax, students are able to highlight and add inline notes to equations and formulas within MindTap. In addition, they can zoom into complex equations and formulas in order to better view the details. Using MathJax within MindTap, users will have access to mathematical content with the ability to copy and paste equations to be re-used in their notes for later study and reference.

“Displaying Scientific, Technical, Engineering, and Math (STEM) content on the web remains a challenge while browsers lack support for web standards such as MathML,” said Peter Krautzberger, MathJax Manager. “MathJax leverages existing web technology such as cascading style sheets, webfonts, and vector graphics to provide reliable, clear and accessible rendering on all platforms. The integration of MathJax in MindTap is a big step forward for educational STEM content as it is now displayed natively and accessibly.”

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