Project Euclid continues as MathJax Supporter

Project Euclid continues to support the MathJax project as a MathJax Supporter. Jointly managed by Cornell and the Duke University Press, Project Euclid addresses the unique needs of independent and society journals. Through a collaborative partnership arrangement, these publishers join forces and participate in an online presence with advanced functionality. Project Euclid has been an early supporter and large-scale adopter of MathJax, and its continued support for the project is a welcome vote of confidence.

Mira Waller, Project Euclid Manager at Duke University Press, comments “Scalable, browser neutral, and reliable, MathJax keeps improving with age. We look forward to continuing our support of MathJax and are excited about working with MathJax to continue improving the user experience with math online.”

The MathJax team looks forward to the continued collaboration with Project Euclid, and welcomes their ongoing support for the MathJax project as well as their commitment to bringing high-quality mathematics to their readers.