Stack Exchange continues as MathJax Partner

Stack Exchange has renewed their commitment as a MathJax Partner for another year. This represents another milestone for MathJax, since the support of companies like Stack Exchange over time is key to ensuring the project’s long-term success.

The Stack Exchange network keeps growing and currently consists of 84 communities, each dedicated to serving experts in a specific field. Of these, 17 Stack Exchange sites offer MathJax support, including Mathematics Stack Exchange, Cross Validated and Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange. As David Fullerton, Vice President of Engineering, comments: “We’re constantly rolling out new sites and enabling MathJax on them wherever it makes sense. We really appreciate how much faster MathJax 2.0 is.”

MathJax has benefited from Stack Exchange’s help with pre-release testing of MathJax 2.0 earlier this year and their continued feedback has proven extremely valuable for keeping MathJax an open and flexible technology for the entire community.

We look forward to continuing the collaboration with Stack Exchange, and welcome their ongoing support for the MathJax project.