Springer Science+Business Media becomes a MathJax Supporter

Springer Science+Business Media is giving the MathJax project a boost by joining the sponsorship program as a MathJax Supporter. Springer is a leading global scientific publisher, publishing around 2,000 journals and over 7,000 new books each year. Beyond the welcome financial support, we are very pleased to have the benefit of Springer’s extensive experience and leadership in scientific publishing.

Springer’s open access platform BioMed Central implemented MathJax in its journal articles earlier this year to greatly improve the quality of displaying mathematical content while supporting web-friendly HTML and MathML standards. MathJax will be benefiting from suggestions and bug reports from Springer’s technical staff and we look forward to further collaboration.

Becoming a MathJax Supporter helps Springer to make optimal use of MathJax, and also makes an important contribution to keeping MathJax a reliable, flexible and open technology.