MathJax Staff for 2012

These are busy times for MathJax and it is as popular as ever. Version 2.0 is almost out. Online learning and ebooks are exploding and where there’s education and research, math will be there too. There are a lot of opportunities for MathJax to make an even bigger contribution than it has already.

Since Hylke Koers moved on to a new job and Robert Miner passed away, MathJax has been somewhat in a state of limbo regarding keeping the website up-to-date and working with contributors and potential partners. It has taken a while but I have put together a new staffing plan that has been approved by the founding sponsors: Design Science, AMS, and SIAM. Of course, it is an open source project so there will be other contributors, and the consortium may contract services from time-to-time to address specific needs, so I will only list core personnel.

**Davide Cervone: **Chief programmer. Obviously we are going to count on Davide’s excellent work to continue.

**Peter Krautzberger: **Web and task master and all around organizer. Others will help with this, of course, but he will be the person that brings it all together.

**Bob Ross: **Business development. He will help elearning and publishing companies learn about MathJax and ask them to contribute to the project via our partner program.

**Frédéric Wang: **Testing. Fred will continue to be the main testing person.

**Tom Leathrum: **Tom will be in charge of gathering MathJax integrations (plugins to popular web platforms that allow MathJax to be used) and other such helper software in order to build a resource on the MathJax website that will aid others in implementing it within their websites, ebook readers, and other applications and websites.

I will continue to oversee the business side of MathJax and will work closely with Bob Ross. Design Science will also continue to manage the MathJax finances on behalf of the consortium.

So that’s the team! We look forward to another great year for MathJax!