Video tutorial “Using MathJax in Blackboard” released

A new four-minute video tutorial “How to use MathJax in Blackboard” gives step-by-step instructions explaining how to use MathJax to display mathematics within the popular learning management system. MathJax formulas can be used in Blackboard learning modules, tests, assignments, and other content elements.

As the video tutorial shows, it is easy to use MathJax with Blackboard. By using the HTML source editor, you can link to the public MathJax CDN by including a simple code snippet. Once that code snippet is in place, you can use LaTeX to include mathematical expression in your course material. MathJax will render these expressions as typeset mathematics, which you and your students can view and reuse. Further instructions, together with the tutorial video, are available on the “Use in Web Platforms” page at

The Blackboard tutorial follows the “How to use MathJax in Tumblr” video tutorial in our Use in Web Platforms series. Thanks are due to Ian’s Blackboard blog and other members of the Blackboard user community who emailed and tweeted with us, and drew our attention to the topic. If you have a suggestion for a tutorial video you would like to see, please let us know!