The Optical Society becomes a MathJax Supporter

The Optical Society (OSA) has announced support for the MathJax project by becoming a MathJax Supporter. A leader in the Optics and Photonics fields since 1916, OSA has a strong publishing program that includes journals and conference proceedings and that covers subject areas such as Applied Optics, Biomedical Optics, Metamaterials, Nonlinear Optics, and Lasers.

Following the successful use of MathJax in Biomedical Optics Express, OSA has now also chosen MathJax for math display in Optics Materials Express, a new title that was launched last week. The journal is open-access and fully electronic, with articles available in both XHTML and PDF formats. By supporting web-friendly HTML and MathML standards, OSA allows its readers to easily access their articles on a variety of viewing devices, including tablets and smartphones. MathJax is well suited to display mathematics in these journals thanks to its broad support across viewing devices.

“With MathJax, The Optical Society has found an ideal solution for displaying math online. At last we can truly repurpose our MathML to look great in nearly every browser and mobile device - all without a client plug-in. The scale and zoom features really help our articles come to life on the web. We’re proud to be a MathJax Supporter and are excited about prospects for further development of this much-needed tool”, says Deputy Senior Director of Publishing, Scott Dineen.

As a MathJax Supporter, OSA makes an important contribution to keeping MathJax a reliable and easy-to-use product, and demonstrates their commitment to bringing high-quality mathematics to their online and mobile readers.