Stack Exchange becomes MathJax Partner

Stack Exchange is a rapidly growing network of community-driven Q&A sites. Stack Exchange is already using MathJax on several sites in the network, and has now announced major support for MathJax by joining the project as a MathJax Partner.

Stack Exchange grew out of the popular Stack Overflow platform, which has become an essential source of information and discussion for programmers and computer enthusiasts around the world. While remaining a reference point for anything computer-related, Stack Exchange is much broader in scope with topics ranging from Cooking and Photography to Mathematics and Electronic Design.

Jeff Atwood, co-founder of Stack Exchange, notes, “We use MathJax to support math notation within our expert Q&A forums. The Stack Exchange sites currently using MathJax include: Mathematics, Theoretical Computer Science, Physics, Statistical Analysis, Quantitative Finance, and Electronics Design.” With MathJax, authors can express their ideas on Stack Exchange using mathematical notation. That could be lengthy and complicated formulas, but also just the right mathematical symbol – for example, ( \mathcal{O}(n) ) to denote the order of a computer algorithm.

The Stack Exchange implementation of MathJax utilizes the recently launched CDN service, offering very fast download times to readers around the world and making sure that MathJax is always up to date.

By becoming a MathJax Partner, Stack Exchange makes a strong commitment to supporting the ongoing development of MathJax, and to offering their users a simple and reliable way to read and write mathematics on the web. Welcome on board Stack Exchange!