MathJax version 1.1 Beta Ready for Testing

MathJax version 1.1 beta was released today, and MathJax users interested in beta testing are encouraged to help us put the new release through its paces. “For a project like MathJax that runs on a wide range of browsers and devices, the benefit of a robust beta testing period is clear. This is an area where an engaged user community and the open source model can really excel,” said Robert Miner, MathJax Project Director.

Version 1.1 is backward compatible with earlier versions, and new features focus primarily on performance enhancements, support for recent browser updates, and bug fixes. A detailed list of changes will be made available shortly, along with other resources for testers.

The beta distribution is available from the download page. Bugs should be reported via the MathJax Issue Tracker. Questions and comments should be address to the MathJax Users group mailing list.