MathJax 1.0 is Now Available

The MathJax project reached a major milestone today with the release of MathJax 1.0. To get the new distribution, visit the download page.

MathJax 1.0 contains a number of improvements over earlier beta versions of the software:

  • Accessibility features enable magnifying all equations in a page or by zooming in on individual equations. MathJax 1.0 also works together with Design Science‚Äôs MathPlayer to interface with other assistive technology such as screen readers, braille displays, and learning disability software.
  • A new context menu enables readers to cut and paste math formulas in standard formats into Word and LaTeX documents, computational software such as SAGE, Maple and Mathematica, and many science-related blogs and wikis, including Wikipedia.
  • The documentation has been rewritten and much expanded, including information on using MathJax with popular web platforms such as WordPress, Moodle, MediaWiki, and Drupal.
  • The MathJax code has been compressed and optimized for faster download and start up times.