Developers: Source Control Changes Coming Thursday July 29

The MathJax 1.0 release will be taking place the first week in August, and in preparation, we will be making some changes to the MathJax source control layout on Thursday, July 29.  Developers that obtain MathJax directly from source control using svn should be aware they may to need to make changes to paths and directories on their own systems as a result.

There will be two significant changes taking place.  First, we will be introducing three top-level directories to separate the main development line from the released code base, and future side development lines.  Thus, the current repository structure of


will become


after the change.  Similarly, when 1.0 is available, the released code will be placed in a /tags/mathjax-1.0 directory in the repository.

The second significant change will accommodate both compressed (or ‘minified’) and uncompressed versions of the JavaScript files. The compressed versions will be located in their present locations, while “unpacked” versions of the files in a given directory will be located in an “unpacked” subdirectory.  Thus


will be a compressed file with whitespace removed and so on, while the uncompressed version will be located at


For convenience during development, the code will also be modified so compressed versions of files refer to compressed versions, while the unpacked versions refer to other unpacked files.

Note: Because the archive also contains some JavaScript files, the changes to accommodate packed and unpacked JavaScript mean that developers will also have to refetch and unzip to install MathJax 1.0.

Questions should be directed to the MathJax Forums.