American Physical Society Becomes a MathJax Supporter

The American Physical Society (APS) is now a Supporter of the MathJax project. APS has long been an innovator in the area in the electronic communication of math and science. In the 1990s, APS was an influential advocate for SGML-based encoding of mathematical notation, and later became one of the first large publishers to adopt the use of MathML for journal production. According to Mark Doyle, Assistant Director, Journal Information Systems for APS, “For more than a decade, convenient, high quality display of mathematics in a web browser has always seemed a goal just out of reach. MathJax is shaping up to be an ideal solution that finally achieves the full promise of math display on the web. We enthusiastically support the project and look forward to its debut.” The initial public release of MathJax is expected early next year.