The American Statistical Association becomes a MathJax Supporter

MathJax today announced that the American Statistical Association is joining its sponsorship program as a MathJax Supporter.

The American Statistical Association (ASA) is the “Big Tent for Statistics” as the world’s largest community of statisticians. The ASA was founded in Boston in 1839 making it the second-oldest, continuously operating professional association in the United States. The ASA supports excellence in the development, application, and dissemination of statistical science through meetings, publications, membership services, education, accreditation, and advocacy.

Ronald L. Wasserstein, Executive Director of ASA notes that “The ASA is committed to advancing and disseminating high quality research in statistics. MathJax helps assure our publications appear accurately across platforms so that they can be viewed by researchers everywhere.”

“By becoming a MathJax sponsor, the ASA demonstrates its partnership to the science community on the web”, comments Tom Blythe, MathJax Consortium. “Becoming a MathJax Supporter allows the ASA to make optimal use of MathJax, and makes an important contribution to keeping MathJax the reliable, flexible, and open technology it is today.”

The MathJax team looks forward to the collaboration with the ASA, and welcomes its support for the MathJax project.