MAA continues as MathJax Sponsor

The Mathematical Association of America (MAA) continues to support the MathJax project as a MathJax Sponsor.

The MAA is the world’s largest community of mathematicians, students, and enthusiasts. It accelerates the understanding of our world through mathematics because mathematics drives society and shapes lives.

“Communication is a core value of the MAA,” said Michael Pearson, MAA Executive Director. “The acceleration of the development and presentation of mathematics online, for both research and education, requires effective tools such as MathJax to bring mathematical equations to life, and we are happy to continue our support.”

“The MAA’s support has been a long-term asset to MathJax and our development efforts. We are pleased to partner with the MAA, and to continue to work with them toward greater support for mathematics on the web”, said Davide P. Cervone, MathJax lead developer. “Thanks to the MAA, we can continue to enhance MathJax, and its support for the assistive technology that is so important for math education.”

We look forward to continuing the collaboration with the MAA and welcome their ongoing support for the MathJax project.