MathJax wins PAM Division Award 2016

At this year’s SLA Annual Conference, MathJax was awarded the PAM Division Award 2016.

The Physics-Astronomy-Mathematics Division of the Special Libraries Association (PAM) was founded in 1972. Its focus lies on all aspects of librarianship in the fields of physics, astronomy, and mathematics, with particular emphasis on the control, dissemination, and retrieval of knowledge and information in those areas.

The PAM Division Award is awarded for outstanding contributions to the literature of physics, astronomy, or mathematics or to honor work that improves the exchange of information in one or more of these areas. The first PAM Division Award was given in 1977 and past winners include the Banff Internation Research Station (BIRS), the Electronic Research Archive for Mathematics (ERAM aka Jahrbuch Project) and arXiv founder Paul Ginsparg.

You can find more information about the PAM Division Award and this year’s award ceremony with MathJax creator and lead developer Davide Cervone at the PAM homepage.

The MathJax team is honored that MathJax has been chosen to join this illustrious list of awardees and we look forward to keeping MathJax the best solution for mathematics on the web.