MathJax v3.1.2 now available

The MathJax team is pleased to announce version 3.1.2 of MathJax, released earlier today (version 3.1.1 contained an error that was fixed shortly after it was released). This is a bug-fix release to address several issues that arose from the 3.1.0 release, particularly with the textmacros package for the TeX input jax. It also updates the Speech-Rule Engine to version 3.1.1.

Bugs Addressed in this release

  • Fix issue with \textit, etc., not working with the textmacros extension enabled. (2514)
  • Add ‘smart quote’ version of acute and grave accents in textmacros extension. (2526)
  • Add missing support for \ref and \eqref in textmacros extension. (2528)
  • Only ignore space following alphabetic control sequences in textmacros. (2527)
  • Fix issue with textmacros causing incorrect display in SVG mode. (2524)
  • Make sure configuration renaming is performed for *-full components. (2516)
  • Handle AsciiMath configuration properly, in particular, displaystyle. (2520)
  • Convert mu to em in CD environment. (2513)
  • Fix autoload to handle macro or \begin followed by spaces. (2511)
  • Update convert() to accept family parameter (2512)

Changes in Speech-Rule Engine

  • Introduces handling of direct speech attributes like aria-label, alt, exact-speech.
  • Handling of elements like mglyph if they contain a direct speech attribute.
  • Allows floats as part of mixed numbers.
  • A number of fixes to the Clearspeak and Nemeth rule sets.
  • Fixes regression of SVG highlighter.